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"I could not say enough good things about her! She taught me so much about vocal technique, particularly in warming up prior to singing. I've made huge strides in self confidence, and feel like I am a better singer because of working with her. She is always so encouraging, and pushed me to do my absolute best in every individual session."

"I have absolutely loved taking voice lessons from Elise. She is so kind and helpful. I can tell she really believes in me and how much potential I have to grow as a singer, and she has explained different techniques and concepts so well. I have never felt so confident in my voice before. Elise is the best."


"This was my first ever voice lesson and Elise was so encouraging! She gave good analogies in lessons for how I should make my voice sound and I love that she wanted me to accomplish my goals in my lessons. I'm so glad she was my teacher! I LOVED going to lessons!" 


"Elise was amazing. She was able to explain difficult concepts and often illustrate literally or figuratively what she was trying to get us to understand and help us understand our bodies and how to sing better. I would definitely recommend this class and recommend Elise as an instructor! Knowledgeable, fun, friendly environment! Best class I took this semester, and made some friends in the process."


"Ms. Read is amazing. Not only can she sing incredibly herself, but she has the magic power to make me sing in a beautiful voice which is totally different than the one before! She helps me to discover an alter-ego, and I believe what I learnt from this class will benefit me for the rest of my life."


"She is fantastic!! Learned so much. My voice has gotten so much bigger and I have been able to use it more fully." 


"Elise is an amazing instructor! I really enjoyed taking her course. She always had things to say after each performance which were eye-opening and informative. She is a talented singer, so learning from someone who really knows what they're talking about was really beneficial to my improvement. I had never seen such a change in my voice before I took her course. Highly recommend!!"

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